Artist Statement

Andrea imageMy current life as an artist is a time of intense pleasure at the opportunity to make art again in the free spirit and memory of early childhood, enhanced by life experience.

Layering ideas and material is a cornerstone of my practice. I combine found objects with drawings and prints to illustrate my stories. My process invariably starts with photography which documents both the idea for my work and the process that develops it.

The current body of work stems from an aerial viewing of the Tanami Desert in Western Australia, at dawn in late summer 2015. This delight in landscape was an entry point into an abstraction of the desert wilderness and light, using a graphic palette and a found object made in Japan.

In 2015 I completed formal training in printmaking, drawing, art history and theory at the National Art School, Sydney graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Printmaking).

In 2016  I am enrolled in the Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership (MCCL) at Art & Design, University of New South Wales, Sydney.